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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


user selected samples by learning.m


responds from finding.m

histograms are not comparable when the value of each bin differs. Matlab hist does not provide fixed value range unless user specified. Since I rewrite the histogram function myself and it returns fixed bin size(33) and fixed value range(0:255/33) the histograms are fine.

The blkproc function does not work as I mention in the last post.

This is a useful link for blkproc: 


I fix my code to use blkproc(img, [15 15], [8 8], myhist) instead of [30 30] [15 15] windows and border.

An image of 310*310 is used, ceil(310/15) = 21, the windows form a 21*21 grid, and each window overlaps by 8 pixels on its four sides.

to reconstruct the index from a 1D positions,    

x = (mod(po(i),21)+1)*15-8;  y = (po(i) / 21 + 1)*15-8;

Negative training set is still not enforced in this test. I spend some time to play with the negative result while forgot to load the positive sample back before doing the finding though. r*s spread all over the place.

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